The framers of the constitution had in mind citizen legislators. They would be appalled by the career legislators we have seen develop into a ruling class.

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Why I’m Running


Bishops-JohnDeere_350I’m not a professional politician or a wealthy business tycoon.  I’m a family man and farmer who knows one indisputable fact: if we don’t do something immediately to change the direction of this country, we will be the first generation to pass on an America in worse shape than the one we inherited.

Radical Islamic terrorists are killing innocent people abroad and here on American soil, but the only reaction from the same old tired politicians and President Obama is to strip away 2nd amendment rights from law abiding citizens. Spending is out of control, our economy is broken, and every day our nation becomes less safe and secure.

We can’t fix any of this by electing the same type of career politicians and insiders who broke the system in the first place.

I strongly believe the founding fathers of our country would be appalled by the career politicians and wealthy insiders we have seen develop into a “ruling class”. The regular people I talk with at the diner, in the coffee shop, and on the farm are looking for an opportunity to stand up to the political class and are hungry for a candidate from outside the system.

I am that candidate!

Where I Stand


We must remain firm in our conviction that proper function of government is to do for people only those things that cannot be done by individuals for themselves.

Bob Bishop Raising US FlagWe must unfailingly support free enterprise and encourage individual initiative.  

Above all we must never compromise on the core truth that the government that governs least governs best.

I believe our Government must be inclusive, focused, and accountable.

I believe politics should be seen as a public service, not as a career.

I believe in the United States Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment.

On a personal level, I believe abortion should never be used as a birth control method and should never be funded by the Government.

I believe in a strong National Defense and the philosophy of “Peace through strength.” There are bad people in the world who wish us harm, and we must maintain our armed forces as the best trained and best equipped in the world to deter them.

Where I’m Coming From 


I am a Delaware County, NY native. My family has been in this region since the 1700’s.

Bishop HayI am General Manager of Larsen Farms Hay Terminal, LLC; one of the leading agribusinesses in the United States. Prior to merging my business with Larsen Farms in 2002 I owned a trucking company and farm commodities brokerage for 18 years. I still own a farm in Delaware County, NY. For the 5 years prior to running my own business, I was an editor at Holstein World Magazine, Sandy Creek, NY. My journalism career began at WDLA, Walton, NY where I spent 7 years.

While I have not held statewide elective office I have been an elected representative on the Hamden, NY Town Council. I have been elected as a representative of Hamden’s Republican Party on the Delaware County Republican Committee for the past 20 years. I served on the Pulaski, NY Board of Education for 4 years.

As you can see, I am not a career politician. I have experience which connects with business owners and the common working person. I am not independently wealthy and I know what it is like to meet a payroll and make a mortgage payment.

My intent is to run an energetic, unapologetically conservative campaign that focuses on the issues and lays out a plan to defeat the terrorists, stop the spending, and preserve the future for our children and grandchildren.